1. Tap Your Personal Network

If you want your official wedding photos and videos to look truly amazing, you don’t want to give your job to a random guest whose top qualification is an above-average Instagram account. However, you may know – or at least have in your extended network – professional or qualified amateur photographers and videographers capable of producing professional-grade material.

Depending on the strength of your connection, you may be able to secure a friend or family discount for those services, even if they’re already established as professionals in your area. The depth of this discount is sure to vary, but 5% or even 10% off full price isn’t unreasonable.

Qualified non-professionals or rising professionals, such as recent film or visual arts school graduates without practices of their own, may be willing to work for even less, especially if they’re able to build their profile or meet new prospects as a result. Just make sure they have adequate equipment, enough help, and enough prior experience to pull off a big job. As with anyone you hire, be sure to check out their prior work first.

2. Get Multiple Quotes to Compare Pricing and Service

When buying a car, you don’t jump at the first offer you see. You compare multiple offers for comparable cars, weighing the relative pros and cons of each, until you arrive at an informed decision that you’re reasonably confident you won’t regret.

The scale of your wedding media investment might be smaller, but your decision’s ramifications reverberate even further into the future. Spend as long as it takes thoroughly researching photographers in your area and requesting quotes (if pricing isn’t provided upfront) from all who seem in line with your general tastes and budget.

A good way to jump-start the research process is to attend a wedding fair near where you plan to get married. They’re typically held before wedding season begins and can attract hundreds of service providers (including photographers and videographers) from miles around.

3. Check References

Once you’ve narrowed your choices to a few finalists, thoroughly check them out – just as you’d run a VIN check on a used car. Read online reviews; review their posted work; seek out people who’ve recently used their services. And don’t be afraid to ask them directly for references.

Though checking references by itself can’t reduce the final cost of your wedding photography and videography, it can increase the chances that you, your spouse, and your loved ones are satisfied with the outcome. After all, you can’t do your wedding over. Paying a bit more for wedding media that you can truly be proud of – and that you’re more likely to view, copy, and cherish for years to come – is an investment in the fond memory of what’s hopefully to be one of the happiest days of your life.

4. Stick to a Lower-Priced Package

Most wedding photographers and videographers offer basic packages with fewer add-ons and frills – in some cases, just the shoot itself, plus an online gallery or image DVD. By providing just the bare essentials and giving you the flexibility to choose how (and whether) to order additional products, such as bound albums or wall prints, the basic package gives you greater control over your total photography and videography costs, and allows you to spread your investment out over a longer period of time. And remember, if you do choose to order additional prints, videos, or any other products at a later date, you can likely do so at a lower cost online or at a brick-and-mortar photo shop – provided you have a personal use release.

5. Ask for an Off-Peak Discount and or Referral Discounts or Credits

Most people get married on Saturdays. If you’re willing to buck the crowd and organize a weekday (Monday through Thursday) wedding, ask photographer and videographer candidates for an off-peak discount. Depending on local customs and the providers’ whims, it’s not unreasonable to expect a 10% or 15% discount off the final bill for a midweek shindig.

Don’t be shy about asking your photographer or videographer for referral discounts or credits. Many professionals readily offer kickbacks – either as a discount to the final service bill or credits for future orders – to current or prior customers who refer new business.

You don’t have to shill for them at your wedding, but if you know anyone who’s planning their own wedding, why not tacitly suggest your photographer or videographer? It can work the other way too: If friends refer you to their wedding provider, you may qualify for a discount.

6.  Look for Custom Packages

In the rush to get ready for the big day, it’s easy to surrender to the simplicity of preset photo or video packages, which tell you exactly what you’re getting and how much it’s going to cost. However, preset packages often include unnecessary services or add-ons, and providers aren’t always willing to customize on the spot.

To avoid paying more than you should, look for providers that offer custom packages. These packages typically have minimal conditions – you can choose how many hours the provider works on your wedding day and you get all your images in electronic format, but beyond that, the services rendered and deliverables (such as albums) are up to you.

Larger custom packages sometimes qualify for discounts. You may refer to this packages www.kawaiiprints.com/packages

7. Book Photography and Videography With the Same Provider

Not all photography studios offer videography services, nor vice versa. However, if you do end up choosing a provider capable of shooting professional-grade photo and video, look into combined photography and videography packages, which can cost hundreds of dollars less than separately ordered photography and videography jobs. You may refer to this packages www.kawaiiprints.com/packages

8. Avoid Non-local Photographers and Videographers

Unless you’re having a destination wedding in a remote area, avoid working with non-local providers if at all possible. Out-of-area photographers and videographers often add mileage or airfare onto the cost of their services, potentially raising the final bill by hundreds of dollars. Even if your provider doesn’t explicitly add travel costs to your final bill, they’re likely built into its margins, and your total cost is therefore likely to be higher than what a comparable local provider would charge.

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